A Christian’s Email to Bassam Zawadi

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

Below is an email that Br. Bassam of Call to Monotheism received today. Can you feel the love?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tyler Rynearson <tylerrynearson@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 2:36 PM
Subject: Wrong!!!!
To: “bzawadi@gmail.com” <bzawadi@gmail.com>

Hey, what is your home address? So me and all my Christian, U.S. Military buddies can drop in sometime and make that garbage you call the Qur’an, fit right up yer sandnigger ass!


wa Allaahu ‘Alam!


  • This isn’t sick it is just ignorant. I am a Christian from US and while many are losing their patience, when the world news shows deplorable acts committed by extremists each day and in anger people generalize. I am a semi sympathizer for Islam being that I believe that their are many Muslims who simply love God and through rituals and cultural laws, feel that Islam fulfills that love. I have great respect for that and Islamists who truly are in the practice of peace through Justice are on the path. At the same time, I believe that the excesses that were often denounced in the Quran are exactly what the culture is suffering. Even Shariah is an attempt to create an ideal world as if that could ever be done through the will of man. There is excess zeal, there is excess want for wealth and prosperity that is the same devil that Christians face from the west. There is excess belief that one is secured in God’s judgment and that their self righteousness and zealous thought will lead them to great fortune in the afterlife. There is excess want for imposing religious beliefs on others and condemning them for not conforming. Until there is religious tolerance on the side of Islam then there really isn’t any Muslim/non-Muslim dialogue. Most Christians do not agree or believe in the Quran, but a much larger majority are willing to engage in theological discussion that goes beyond simple surface face or appeasement. We need to break down what we can agree upon and also isolate where we have ideological conflicts. That is a starting point. We must Identify beyond doctrine what is sacred what is profane, what is permitted and what is condemned and what constitutes crime and what constitutes simple disdain. Honor killing, sexism and oppression, senseless violence, corruption and uneven handedness is law and order favoring men and lambasting women as whores is non starters for the world. I am not saying it is not right, but the Muslim man, if He truly does have faith, will allow God to put matters in His hands and hand down judgment as He sees fit. We condemn the actions but the heart if man can change for Good, and the righteous can fall into rebellion against God. Muslims are compelled to read the Torah and it is considered a Holy text…if it is examined than they will see that it is the one man who held claim against Jurasalem that will have the authority to present to god on our behalf and save us from our own inequity. It is written and Muhammad said that Muslims need to heed these texts. But because it doesn’t fit with your excessive want for absolution and idealism, you stand focused solely on the Quran. I do believe Christians need to end the debate as to whether Christ is the Almighty, He is the leader over the church of man and he is our messiah, but His father for only His Holiness can be in His presence, should be worshipped as such as God ordained Him as the Leader of the Church of Man. It was written. But what is the point of a dialogue if people aren’t open to discourse, not for the sake of conversion as calling one a Muslim or a Christian means nothing, it is through our ways we are judged. We are all one blood, and we both agree on that through scripture but in conversing with Muslims they only seek to teach and never seek to absorb other points of view. Why should anyone waste their breath if a man thinks he is something more than a Himan and thinks his wisdom trumps all wisdom in man, it is a waste if time for all parties…Despise the Jew, act as you know the Christian heart and think we are weak in resolve, belittle all that do not follow your ideals and you will get guys like this frustrated…frustrated at man’s unending zeal, mans foolish pride, mans unwillingness to reason as a book does all your reasoning for you. The Bible calls is to reason, to interpret to find a holy path, the Quran instructs and commands us in all of our ways. If God wanted to have absolute rule on earth…why did he give us free will to begin with? There is no dialogue here , there are two viewpoints spewing their beliefs and the other disagreeing that is not dialogue that is really just non constructive pulpitting…Tell me one thing a Christian has ever done to make you genuinely change your viewpoints on anything and I will be happy to contribute more to this conversation.

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